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the right IT talent, with the right expertise at the right time.

What we offer

ICT transformation is driven by people, you can find them here.

Whether you need expertise from a short term project through to full time placement – you can find the best local talent through 6YS Connect. As an IT leader, we know what it takes to identify, nurture and develop the best local talent the market has to offer. 


We are making this talent pool available through an engagement model that suits your needs. We will find you the right talent, with the right expertise at the right time to help you deliver the outcomes you need.


6YS is headquartered in Queensland with more than 15 years of history in pioneering ICT infrastructure and cloud services.

We partner with firms that complement our offering – we are experts in partnering to deliver leading edge solutions.


Choose an engagement that suits you

6YS Connect offers a range of engagement models to suit your needs. Whether you need one or many resources – we can deliver the expertise you need. Whether you need short term consulting, project or temporary staff, or, even full time placements – we have a network of skilled individuals available for you.


Our remuneration models are also tied to the outcomes our customers want. Unlike many organisations, we incentivise our contractors and staff with delivery bonuses payable upon completion of contracts and projects. This way they are as committed to your success as you are.

Find the right IT talent at 6YS Connect

Backed by the 6YS group

Hire one person. Get our whole team behind them

When our contractors or placements walk onsite, they are backed up at all times with our group of experts. Each of whom is an industry leader across the full technology stack. Our end-to-end capability across the 6YS group spans infrastructure, security, applications, end user computing and service delivery. 


Whether anyone on our team is on-site or working remotely – they bring the full power of the 6YS team and organisation with them.

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